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All beginnings are difficult - the first rides in a new power wheelchair even more so. The new "WheelSim" simulator app offers relief for the initial phase with realistic training and specific lessons on correct behaviour.  WheelSim is suitable for people who are to receive a power wheelchair or have recently received one and would like to practice the correct operation safely. Other target groups are therapists and wheelchair providers.

This innovative app can be used on a computer or with virtual reality headsets.



Accessible Europe Award
Award VCÖMobilitätspreis

Virtual reality

What up to now could "only" be followed on the screen is now moving much closer to the real world thanks to virtual reality (VR) technology with a VR simulator. The VR headset allows an all-round view of the virtual world and head movements change the field of vision: Lowering the head helps, for example, to see the wheels of the power wheelchair and allow to assess distances better. By looking back, you can check whether there is an object or a person behind the wheelchair. 
This makes the WheelSim training ride a realistic experience - completely without danger and repeatable at any time. This helps people who want to learn to use a power wheelchair to safely practice otherwise stressful situations in dry training.



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WheelSim: What sets us apart

WheelSim Testung

Practical and user-friendly


Exactly those skills are trained that are needed in everyday life situations. 

VR-Brille Testung für E-Rollstul Benutzer



Driving in the simulated world is fun, all testers were highly motivated and virtually en route. 

Andreas mit VR-Brille WheelSim Fahren im Park



The app is just as easy to use and understand for beginners - even for children - as it is for experienced wheelchair users.

WheelSim Feedbackgespräch Mit Andreas

Feedback from therapists and wheelchair providers


WheelSim is a practical and useful tool for training various skills such as fine motor skills to control the power wheelchair while taking a lift or to master stressful driving situations. 

Andreas Sicheres Verhalten Im Straßenverkehr

Safe traffic participation and knowledge acquisition


Training videos are seen as helpful support by the test persons. All texts are written in easy-to-understand language and contribute to effortless text comprehension. 

Klaus Robatsch.png

"With the WheelSim simulation app, people of all ages can learn how to control their power wheelchair as close to reality as possible."

Klaus Robatsch, Head of Traffic Safety Research at KFV

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