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Testers / Developers / Research partners


Special thanks go to all the testers who accompanied the development of WheelSim and gave valuable feedback: Abdullah Kaymaz, Andreas Rammer, Max Buchegger, Bernhard Karl, Hans Hunger, Hans-Jürgen Prammer, Eva Mittermüller, Harald Schatzl, Harald Bachmayr, Robert Karolji, Hannes Schwabegger, Anja Katteneder, Werkstätte Hagenberg


The research project WheelSim VR was initiated by LIFEtool and implemented with the following partners: 

Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit


Bandagist Heindl 

CCP Studio 

HOSS Mobility  



Support program

WheelSim VR was funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digitization and Business Location (bmdw) and as part of the COIN program line “Cooperation and Networks” of the FFG (The Austrian Research Promotion Agency).  


Based on the results of the research project, LIFEtool developed the App WheelSim Home and WheelSim Pro. 

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