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WheelSim for individuals and professionals

WheelSim is available in two versions, WheelSim Home and WheelSim Pro. Both versions can be used on a Windows PC on the screen (2D). After connecting Oculus VR headsets, the rides in both versions take place in VR (Virtual Reality).   


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WheelSim Home is aimed at individual users and is intended for use at home. It contains the two major sections: "Drive", where you can train to control a power wheelchair, and "Learn" with videos to watch. By training and watching the videos, badges can be collected, which can be viewed under “Achievements”. Important settings can be made such as the maximum speed of the power wheelchair. The implemented wheelchair physics correspond to a power wheelchair with central drive. 

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WheelSim Pro is offered for institutions such as schools, therapy facilities and wheelchair providers and contains all the functions of WheelSim Home, expanded by the two functions  

  • User administration  

  • Log function  

Any number of different users can be created and managed in WheelSim Pro. All settings can be saved individually and all rides are logged and recorded. All rides can be viewed repeatedly using the replay function. A ride can be reproduced from the first person perspective as well as from a third person view with a freely selectable camera. This function allows the subsequent discussion of a ride and an objective assessment of the driving performance. This can be helpful to determine what the driver has seen or how close, for example, objects have been passed or whether sufficient distances have been maintained.  

Pro Version
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