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Input devices and VR headsets

WheelSim System Und Verwendbares Zubehör

Input devices

WheelSim works with various input devices, such as the keyboard. For optimal use, we recommend alternative mouse input devices or gaming joysticks that allow control that is comparable to real power wheelchairs, e.g. the Optima joystick from Pretorian Technologies.  

Some power wheelchair controls allow a Bluetooth connection with the computer, for example to control the mouse. This type of wheelchair controls can be used with WheelSim.  

Good handling of the input device is very important, the selection of the suitable device and an optimal position are decisive. Advice centers on assistive technologies such as the  LIFEtool advice centers  are happy to help here.

VR headsets

WheelSim is suitable for use with Oculus VR headsets. The following VR headsets are supported if they are connected to the computer with a cable:  

  • Oculus Rift S 

  • Oculus Quest 1 & 2  

The use of WheelSim with VR places higher hardware requirements on the computer compared to pure 2D use on the screen. For use with VR, the computer should be VR ready. A specialist dealer will be happy to help.
All settings can still be made on the monitor. Only after selecting one of the four riding areas (practice park, time trial, tasks, free exploration) is the virtual environment displayed in the headset. In addition to moving the power wheelchair, the field of vision can now also be changed by head movements, which allows better orientation and deeper immersion in the virtual world. The ride can be followed by supporting persons on the monitor.

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